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Bienes Inmuebles
Culiacan, Sinaloa. Mexico. Minas de ORO El Rey y El Rey II 153 Hectareas (390 Acres). Estudios de Exploracion concluyeron en Reservas de 50,000 onzas, y Reservas estimadas de 200,000. Precio de Venta por ambas US$ 600,000
Culiacan, Sinaloa. Mexico. MInas de ORO y PLATA 2 con valores de 20 gramos de Oro y 1,500 gramos de Plata por tonelada y otros sulfuros 1 con valores de 500 gramos de Plata por tonelada Precio de Venta US$ 250,000 US$ 150,000 US$ 60,000 facilidades de pago
1 y 2 Some mining rights in Sinaloa State at NorthWest Of Mexico Two of this mining claims are at the South of Sinaloa State. It is possible to acces by road both sites, they are located 57 kilometers North of Mazatlan, near Mazatlan - Culiacan freeway (1 kilometer). One of them has exploration studies for a subsidiary of a large Canadian company The exploration study concluded that the reserves are 50,000 onces of gold and the potential reserves were estimated in 200,000 onces of gold. Their names are El Rey y El Rey II. The areas of these two properties are 153 hectareas (about 390 acres). I would be interested in selling or getting some kind of financial support or parternship The proposed price is 600,000 U. S. dollars for both properties
3, 4 y 5 Three more properties at the Center of Sinaloa State (20 and 45 kilometers) to the East of Culiacan City. They have values of gold (20 grams), silver (1,500 grams) and other sulfides ....... San Jose y Mimbres, Price 250,000 U. S. dollars and 150,000 U. S. dollars respectively. Milagros, 500 grams per ton of silver, Price US$ 60,000 All cases accept deferred payments